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Text Input Styles | Set 1 of 2

This first set of Text Input Styles have been created using Formidable Forms and some advanced form styling designs to give your forms a modern and interesting UX. These designs are all inspired by an article on CodDrops. You can find the original demo HERE.


  1. Some of these styles are experimental and use modern CSS3 animation types that may not be compatibe with older browsers.
  2. These styles are not compatible with all Formidable field types out of the box and will require customisation to implement.
  3. These examples are intended for demo purposes only. If you would like to implement these styles you can download the original source files HERE.
  4. Text input styles version 2 can be found here.


Demo - Haruki


Demo - Hoshi


Demo - Kuro


Demo - Jiro


Demo - Yoko


Demo - Akira


Demo - Isao

View Text Input Styles - Set 2 HERE